You can easily make your reservation over the phone.  Once you pick your days, we will take a quick credit card deposit. Please note that the deposit for the reservation is equal to the daily rental rate for each machine reserved.  You will be emailed an invoice verifying the rental day(s), the price of the rental, as well as the amount required as a security / damage deposit on the day of the rental.


Helmets, goggles, ice chest, detailed map of the area, safety orientation, scenic advice, and personal attention to your interests.


Mounted spare wheel & tire

Tools to change wheel

First aid kit

Tire plug kit

Air compressor

GPS tracking device – monitored by LOOP Base Camp

Emergency SOS beacon, (Garmin In-Reach with satellite text capability)

Map of the area


Fire Extinguisher

Laminated OHV route, (Silverton, CO)


Recovery Boards (sand boards)


You must be 30 years old to rent.  You must be 21 with a valid drivers license to drive.  A security / damage deposit is required, (run as a pre-authorization) on a major credit card, and you are responsible for all damage to the vehicle and other rented equipment.  All renters, drivers and passengers are required to complete and sign the "Rental Contract & Liability Form" prior to rental.  We reserve the right to refuse rental if we feel that a driver and/ or passenger's safety may come into question.  You are encouraged to ask questions about the operation of the vehicle and YOU assume all responsibility for proper and safe operation of the rental vehicle and for the safety of yourself, passengers and others.  No drugs or alcohol allowed.


All reservations and security / damage deposits require use of a credit card.  We do have a small retail store where you can find gear, helmets, goggles, raingear, shirts, hats and stickers for sale.  We do accept cash for these items.


We have a 30 day cancellation policy.  If your reservation is cancelled 30 days prior to your rental date, your reservation deposit will be returned less a $50 administration  / credit card processing fee that we have incurred,  (Fee is per machine per day) ,  If you decide to cancel your reservation inside of the 30 days, your reservation deposit will be forfeited.

Inclement weather does not justify a refund for your reservation deposit.  High country weather changes instantly.  It is part of the experience.  However, we will be glad to accommodate you by rescheduling your rental for another day that has availability.  


Given the current climate and those concerns about Coronavirus, we have decided to offer our clients a way to recoup most of their payment of the reservation if they decide to cancel the reservation at a later date.  If you would like, you can pay an additional $50 for this RESERVATION INSURANCE option.  If you decide to cancel, we will refund your charges less the $50 RESERVATION INSURANCE PREMIUM and a $50 ADMINISTRATIVE FEE to cover administrative costs and credit card processing fees we have already incurred.  Note that this applies to each rental machine reserved.  Revised 3/13/2020


We require a damage deposit of $2,500. Before you leave with the rental machine this amount will be a pre-authorization on your credit card.  Once the machine and all other rented equipment is returned on time, and without damage, the pre-authorization will be released.  Please note that this can take up to 14 days.

This security / damage deposit is used to cover loss, damages and expenses associated with the operation of your rental. Charges could include, but are not limited to: repair or replacement due to damage of tires and rims, suspension, shocks, body of vehicle, seats, bumpers, roof, and accessories.  The monies secured as a security / damage deposit will also be used to cover labor for repair, loss of rental income, any recovery fees or towing of the vehicle.  It is also there to cover damage or loss of tools, fire extinguishers, spare tires, helmets, goggles, Go-Pro camera’s, GPS’s, Tablet mapping devices, and other gear whether it is rented or loaned.


If there is damage to the machine, we will assess the damage and give you a full description of repairs.  Keep in mind that this may take days or weeks to get a complete estimate from a shop. A copy of the damage report will be emailed to your listed address.  We will retain the entire amount of the Security / Damage Pre-authorization right away. Then once the total of cost of repairs is determined and it comes to less than the Damage Deposit, we will credit the difference to your card. If the cost of repairs exceeds the amount of this deposit, we reserve the right to turn in a claim with our insurance company.  Repairs will be made as soon as the insurance company settles the claim.  We repair damage with new parts.  Minor repair is performed at our shop and any major damage will be repaired through a local dealer.


If the machine is returned late there is a $25 charge for every 15 minutes you are late.  This equates to $100 for every hour you are late.  After the 4th hour, we will assume you are stranded somewhere and we will notify the authorities.  No pro-rated refunds are given for early returns.


In the unfortunate case that there is an accident, you get the vehicle stuck, or cannot return it to our place of business on time the renter will be responsible for the cost of vehicle recovery fees to return the vehicle to Loop SXS Adventure's place of business.  These fees vary depending on the method of recovery but a good estimate is $175 / hour so that is what we charge.
Instances of mechanical breakdown that are the fault of Loop SXS Adventures Ltd. will be addressed on a case by case basis with safety as a priority.


If you choose to drive the machine in the town of Kanab, Silverton or Lake City, you must follow all laws in place and obey all traffic laws.  Stay on designated OHV routes established by those towns.  There is an OHV route map in each machine.
Please stay on designated trails.  There is absolutely no off-trail riding permitted.  In Silverton you are instructed to stay on Alpine Loop Scenic Byway route.  Please protect the delicate natural habitat and Alpine Tundra by staying off of it.
If you receive a citation for any reason while in possession of a LOOP SXS Adventures Ltd. machine, you are 100% responsible for all fines and or tickets.  Please be respectful of our privileges and promote responsibility with your actions.
Reckless driving is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: jumps, excessive speed, rock crawling, and power sliding etc.
Do not use the machine to tow or be towed by another machine.



Black Bear Pass, Poughkeepsie Gulch, and Lower Engineer (Mineral Creek Trail) are prohibited and there will be a $250 penalty charge if we see you on these trails.


The Coral Pink Sand Dunes are prohibited.  This includes anywhere inside the State Park boundary. There will be a $250 penalty charge if we see you in this area.

Highway driving on any road posted 55 mph or higher is strictly prohibited.

We reserve right to refuse rental service to anyone for any reason.  If we feel that a driver and/or passenger's safety is in question, we will terminate the rental immediately.

No alcohol or drugs allowed.

Open toed shoes are prohibited.

Revised 7/23/2020, Revised 3/9/2021

No alcohol or drugs allowed.

Open toed shoes are prohibited.


Please be patient with us while we construct the rest of our site.